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Sexy Costumes – Deciding Which ones to Wear in Public and in Private

Sexy Kitten CatsuitIf you’ve been invited to a fancy dress party, there are lots of different options about what costume you want to wear, but there’s no reason to look frumpy or unattractive just because you can’t wear your usual clothes.

There’s some seriously sexy fancy dress costumes on the market, which means that you won’t look like a killjoy for not sticking to the theme, but you don’t need to compromise on looking hot either.

A naughty police officer, nurse, secretary or cheerleaders are great options to dress up with for a night up…but they could double up for use in the bedroom too.

Role playing in the bedroom

There’s lots of different ways to spice up your sex life but something you’ll never get tired of is a spot of role play.

The great thing about investing in saucy costumes is that as well as wearing them out around the town, the can double up for X-rated fun back home in the bedroom.

An outfit which clings to your curves has a plunging neckline or a thigh-skimming hem which looks decent enough for public wear can very quickly be transformed into an even raunchier outfit in the privacy of your own home.

Undoing a button or two more or sliding down the zipper will send the temperature soaring while you act out your own fantasy erotic date.

Dare to be different

Even if it’s not fancy dress, there are some costumes which look good enough for a night out, providing you don’t mind drawing admiring glances.

Catsuits are a great example of this; revealing every curve of your body without actually showing a single inch, it takes a bit of sass to venture out.

Wear the zipper as low as you dare, a sexy catsuit is the perfect example of an outfit which is sizzling hot without being too explicit for public use.

Not for public viewing

Of course, there are those costumes which are designed entirely for your lover’s use and aren’t exactly appropriate to wear in public.

A sexy bedroom waitress outfit with a sheer skirt and a cupless bra, perfect to invite your lover to nibble on your nipples, isn’t something that you would parade at a party. Likewise the bunny outfit comprising just a tiny thong and a pair of ears is the ideal seductive bedroom invitation but would look a bit out of place in public.

Three Piece Sexy Tassel Set

A three piece tassel set, an inspirational sexy costume idea

Other costumes and outfits like the three piece tassel set, and the transparent Oriental set which visibly shows off the breasts are costumes that most would only wear in private, but at an adult party and the right environment, you might just dare to show everyone just what they’re missing…. 

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