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Sex Toy Cleaners: Cleansing and Maintenance Tips for Adult Toys

The Red Rinser is one of our sex toy cleaners available to buy today

The Red Rinser is one of our sex toy cleaners available to buy today

Whether you’re having some saucy solo fun or a night of exhilarating passion with your lover, a sex toy can really spice up the action.

But after an earth-shuddering climax the last thing on your mind is likely to be hygiene, but don’t just slide your battery-operated friend back into the bedside drawer unless you want to risk a nasty surprise next time you’re in the mood. Our Sex Toy Cleaners post provides some practical hints and tips.

Soap and a damp cloth

In the vast majority of cases, soap and water can get your toy clean and eliminate any bacteria which could develop into something nasty. If you’ve been using cyber skin, make sure you clean your toy very carefully as the delicate surface can be easily damaged if you’re too rough. For motorised toys, do be careful to make sure the cloth isn’t too wet; any hint of moisture that gets into the battery compartment could be the end of any future action.

The lazy option

If your sex toy is made from glass, silicone, stainless steel or Pyrex, providing it’s not motorised, you can pop it in the dishwasher for a really deep clean. Don’t add any soap and don’t throw in your dirty dishes at the same time; a short cycle with boiling water will sterilise your toy far better than you could do by hand.

A quick blitz

Disinfecting your toy and getting rid of any bacteria, as well keeping it squeaky clean can also be achieved with a quick spray from a dedicated sex toy cleaner.

Don’t even think about breaking out the household bleach or you’ll soon be regretting it next time you play; invest in a bottle of Cleanatoy instead. Super strong, and guaranteed to leave your toy sparkling and ready for action, Cleanatoy is a water-based cleaner that is suitable for nearly every material. It won’t leave any marks and its sensitive enough not to irritate – and in a handy bottle you can leave it in your bedside drawer so that you can quickly squirt your toy after use. Hygiene has never been more convenient!

Try a sex toy cleaner; they are available in store today

Try a sex toy cleaner; they are available in store today

The exceptions

Although most sex toys can be easily cleaned there are a few exceptions. Porous materials such as jelly rubber, hard plastics and elastomer will absorb bacteria and even after a deep clean could still harbour bacteria or even an STI.

No cleaner will be able to get rid of potential nasties so it’s always a good idea to slip a condom over the toy before use.

Be safe, be clean, be sensible with Euphoria Direct.