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Sex Games for Christmas – an Ideal Gift

Nookii Sex Game

Nookii Sex Game

If you’re looking for a gift with a difference for your lover, take a look at the sex games here at Euphoria Direct for an adult present they’ll never forget.

The perfect way to create a Christmas to remember, a sex game is the gift that keeps on giving, as you can both enjoy X-rated fun all year round.

Nookii Sex Game

A board game just for two with one notable exception: there’s no board. Instead, you move around each other’s bodies using the cards, dice and timer for instruction. The sole object of the game is erotic enjoyment, and with the cards giving you explicit instructions, you know exactly what you have to do to your partner….and where.

The 90 cards are cheekily titled “ooh, aah and mmm” and you’ll also get a Do Not Disturb sign, a sheer scarf, two dice and a timer.

A Deeper Shade of Red Bondage Game

Whether you’re new to the pleasures of BDSM or whether you’ve been enjoying the erotic delights for some time, A Deeper Shade of Red Bondage Game is certain to set your senses tingling. The game comes complete with a 14 inch flogger so you don’t need anything extra to get going on some seriously kinky fun.

With naughty instructions, dice and a board, you’ll be left in no question about exactly what you need to do. Every face of the dice features a new sexual position so you can see exactly what lies in store. A Deeper Shade of Red is a great game for providing some inspiration for BDSM fun, or for just providing a fresh new twist for those who are familiar with the dark delights.

Strip or Tease Adult Game

Doing a striptease for your lover is a saucy treat that is guaranteed to send the temperature in the bedroom soaring, but not everyone has the confidence to get their wiggle on and flaunt their body in style. The Strip or Tease Adult Game takes over, dictating to the two players whether they need to strip for their lover or tease, and exactly what they need to take off.

Strip or Tease Game available in our store

Strip or Tease Game available in our store

This game is perfect for getting things heated, especially for those who might feel too shy to do a striptease without a bit of encouragement. With 30 different possible actions and a guide to stripping for both him and her, it won’t take long before to seduce your lover like a pro!

Checkout our fun sex games for Christmas, you’ll be glad you did once you’ve finished you Christmas Dinner!