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Rough sex – is there a place for it in the bedroom?

Getting Ready for Rough Sex

Getting Ready for Rough Sex

The idea of a bit of rough play between the sheets may not be politically correct, but it seems that men and women in their droves are still finding the idea a huge turn-on.

Although feminism is alive and kicking, when it comes to the bedroom, it seems that girls are happy to cast aside their beliefs and simply revel in the thrill of being treated roughly in the kinkiest of ways.

But is there really a place for it in the bedroom or is it something we should all really move past….? We take a closer look at what it’s all about.

Not a feminist issue

Both guys and girls get a kick out of being treated roughly during sex, and it’s got nothing to do with your deep-seated beliefs in the world beyond the bedroom door. You can also buy a penis pump

There are lots of reasons why even the most ardent feminist might love to be thrown around, and it’s all to do with enjoying the moment without overthinking the issue. Rough sex delivers a shot of adrenalin to the body, sending the blood pumping through your veins and making every nerve ending tingle, heightening the pleasure. Whether you’re a guy or a girl, that kind of excitement is intoxicating and impossible to resist. When it comes to rough sex, it’s all about the pure physical enjoyment, no more, no less.

Out in the open

Rough sex has always been a secret pleasure for many people, but the release of books and films like Fifty Shades of Grey has brought the subject out into the open. In fact, it’s a real poser: would Fifty Shades be as popular if rough sex wasn’t such a turn-on for so many people….or has it become even more or a turn-on since it was introduced into the mainstream?

Many lovers like sex rough and hard

Many lovers like sex rough and hard

One thing is for sure and that’s the fact that rough sex is now commonplace, with more and more people willing to talk about it openly.

Sales of kinky sex toys such as whips, paddles and other spanking devices have never been more popular as being a little more forceful with your lover is explored in more and more bedrooms across the country. Rough sex is all about the urgency and passion, and perhaps that’s the key to its almost universal appeal. The idea that your lover wants you so much that they get a little bit carried away is utterly irresistible, so if you haven’t tried it yourself, perhaps you might want to give it a go…..

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Image Credits: Stakis and Yuki Tribe