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Penis extenders – why are they so worth the extra effort?

Matador 4 Inch Extension Penis Sleeve

Matador 4 Inch Extension Penis Sleeve

It can be fun to have some solo playtime, or even to use sex toys like vibrators and dildos with your lover, but when it comes to total satisfaction, there’s nothing that beats the real thing.

But if you’re not blessed with as many inches as you’d ideally like, there’s an easy way to give your sex life an extra boost.

Penis extenders can provide not just extra length but also some extra girth, to make sure you really thrill your lover quite literally in every way.

Take bedroom fun to another dimension

Even if you’ve always been totally happy with your ability to satisfy your lover, a penis extension could take your sex life to another dimension. Sliding into a penis extension is an easy way to make it feel completely different for both you and your lover, a great way to live out saucy role play fantasies.

A penis extender is also the perfect solution to extend X-rated fun, helping you to last much longer no matter how excited you feel. Delaying ejaculation could leave your lover quite literally panting with pleasure as with a few extra inches, you could provide them with the most incredible orgasmic thrills.

Erotic excitement

Penis extenders are soft, slippery and realistic so that you’ll feel exactly as if your own penis has just grown that little bit bigger. With modern penis extenders, you can enjoy an extra three or four inches, giving your lover the ultimate erotic treat. Slick in a squeeze of lube and slide your penis inside the snug channel and then stand back and admire the beast perched on top of your testicles!

Buy a penis extender available from our range today

Buy a penis extender available from our range today

With a secure fastening, you can enjoy thrusting, pumping and grinding your way to absolute ecstasy with a penis extender that features veins, an all-natural feel and a realistic head to stroke your lover in all the right places.

But although your lover will get lots of pleasure from an unexpected few extra inches, the X-rated fun is most definitely a two way thing. Penis extenders are extremely comfortable to wear, and with a soft, super-stretchy channel inside, every inch of your shaft will be treated to the most erotic stroking and massage, leaving you ready to explode with a mind-blowing orgasm.

Here at Euphoria Direct we’ve got a great range of penis extenders so take a look at our collection and pick the extra few inches you’ve always wanted.