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New Year’s Sex Resolutions

Try new sexual positions for maximum satisfactionAs the end of the year rolls around, and you start to think about what resolutions to make for the coming 12 months, why not consider making more meaningful promises to yourself than just vague notions about going to the gym more and eating healthier?

If you could improve your sex life, you’d feel more confident, get more exercise and be healthier overall. So why not do something that really counts and make some solid New Year’s sex resolutions to transform your life?

Here are a few New Year’s Sex Resolutions to get you started.

Make time for sex

There are always lots of reasons why sex might be impractical or less than perfect, particularly if you’ve been together a long time and have children or demanding jobs.

But being a bit tired, not having shaved, having an early start in the morning aren’t good enough reasons not to indulge yourself. Stop looking for reasons NOT to have sex and start looking for opportunities where you can.

The change in mindset could quite literally spice up your relationship overnight.

Try new positions

OK, there are three basic positions – him on top, her on top and doggy style and you may have settled into a routine based on just these. However, there’s a wide variety of positions that could change your orgasm from a whimper to an explosion, with just a few tweaks.

Next year, resolve to try out different positions; you don’t need to be an Olympic gymnast to experiment with different manoeuvres.

Try something kinky

Everyone’s definition of kinky varies depending on what their sex life involves already, but promises yourself that when the New Year arrives, you’ll try something which is ever so slightly naughty.

Try wearing a kinky erotic costume in 2015

Try wearing a kinky erotic costume in 2015

Whether that involves watching porn films together, getting dressed up in sexy outfits, or trying blindfolds and handcuffs, make 2015 the year your sex life got that little bit raunchier.

Let’s talk about sex

It may sound disappointingly tame, but talking about sex and what you’d like is one of the most important resolutions you could make.

Most couples start out by sharing their fantasies but gradually withdraw and forget to carry on talking about sex as their relationship continues. Just because you know your lover intimately doesn’t mean you should stop sharing naughty thoughts, and don’t assume you already know their deepest darkest desires. Get talking in the bedroom and you could just be in for a few surprises.

Image Credits: Neelabh Tyagi and Richard O’Connell