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Massage Oils – a Guaranteed Way to Get Your Partner into the Mood

Silicone Supreme Skin Glide, available from Euphoria Direct

Silicone Supreme Skin Glide, available from Euphoria Direct

No matter how brightly you start the day, after 8 hours – or more! – At work, it can sometimes be difficult to muster up the energy for some bedroom fun.

If your lover is less than enthusiastic, it’s easy to take it personally, but the chances are that they’re just worn out and looking forward to some shut-eye.

But the good news is that there’s an easy way to transform a flagging libido, and have your lover practically begging for more.

Start the massage off slow

Offering to give your lover a massage may sound like a generous offer and if they’re feeling tired and achy, no doubt they’ll jump at the chance to have their muscles rubbed into relaxation.

But little will they realise what you have in store, and by the end they’ll certainly be relaxed, in a wholly different way than they anticipated.

Don’t be tempted to try and give a massage dry; you’ll need some lubricant to make sure your hands slide over their body effortlessly.

There’s a whole host of different massage oils, from those which are water based – so ideal if you plan on using a condom later – to those which generate heat. These warming massage oils are particularly erotic and can quickly turn your lover from ice-gold frigidity into a quivering pile of passion.

Massage with the power of your hands

Keep your movements slow, deliberate and sensual and don’t be tempted to move on to the action too soon.

Giving them an erotic massage is all about building sexual tension so you need to make them wait for the main event!  Slide your hands over their body, gradually moving lower but avoiding going too low. This will drive them wild with delicious anticipation as every time they think you might be about to make your move, your hands will glide maddeningly away!

Your partner will love an erotic massage

Your partner will love an erotic massage

Slowly start to let your fingertips and hands edge ever closer to that all-important area; by now your lover should be desperate for you to slide your hands down.

Use plenty of massage oil

Remember to keep plenty of massage oil applied to your hands, but not so much it’s a slippery mess! Your hands should slide easily over their skin….as well as providing a little lubrication elsewhere if required….

Massage oils can transform a massage from an uninspiring rub into something which is highly erotic, sensual and something that your lover simply won’t be able to resist. Try it today and you could just be surprised at how easily your lover wakes up….the Euphoria Direct way!


Image Credit: Jane Alexander