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Latex Clothing – have you tried it yet?

Latex boobless top from Euphoria Direct

Latex boobless top from Euphoria Direct

Dressing up for your lover can really send the temperature soaring and there’s no end to the outfits you could choose.

From flirty baby dolls to downright dirty crotchless briefs and peephole bras, there’s every kind of clothing to show your body off to its absolute best. But not everyone has tried latex, a slightly kinkier option but one which could leave your lover quivering with passion.

Here’s a look at latex clothing and how to rock the outfits for the ultimate sex appeal.

Ultimate fun getting dressed

With most outfits, it’s just a case of slipping into the clothing but latex needs to be caressed onto the body, with a touch of foreplay. Firstly you’ll need to lube up your body; squeeze a dab of silicon based lubricant into your hand and then slide all over the part where you plan on wearing the latex. If it’s stockings you have, then you’ll need to rub your legs all over with the lube until they’re soft and slippery to the touch.

There’s no rushing getting dressed with latex, you’ll need to take your time and slowly slip into your clothing. It’s this sensual preparation that can leave you feeling decidedly naughty, even though you’re putting clothes on, rather than taking them off.

A caress to the body

Although latex is designed to be worn snugly, it should never be tight or really uncomfortable. It should hug your curves without any bagging or wrinkling. Silky smooth to the touch, it takes a bit of getting used to the sensation so it’s a good idea to start off small and gradually work your way up to a whole outfit.

Latex in/out panties, buy today from Euphoria Direct

Latex in/out panties, buy today from Euphoria Direct

Small pieces such as underwear, miniskirts or even gloves are the perfect starting point before you try all-over latex such as catsuits. The great thing about latex is that although it’s a seriously sexy piece of clothing, it’s crossed the line from being purely a piece of fetish wear to an acceptable mainstream fashion. This means you can go out wearing your latex if you dare to bare – but just be prepared to turn every head in the room!

Easy to care for

When it’s time to slide out of the outfit you only need to give it a quick rinse down and it’s ready to wear again. There are no complicated care routines so whenever the mood takes you, your latex outfit will be ready and waiting…

We have plenty of latex clothing for sale here at Euphoria Direct. Why not buy one of our items today and add some extra fun into your love life!