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How to Put a Big Bang into Your New Year’s Eve Party

What you will be doing when the clock strikes 12?

What you will be doing when the clock strikes 12?

After the excitement of Christmas and a few days to relax with loved ones, New Year is the perfect chance to see out the year in style.

Whether you’re holding a New Year’s party or attending one somewhere else, there’s lots of ways you could put a big bang into the evening….and we don’t mean a few party poppers…

Here are a few suggestions about how you could enjoy yourself in a really thrilling style…

When the clock strikes 12

The moment when the old year fades and the New Year arrives is the pinnacle of any new year’s party with most people singing, clinking glasses and celebrating with those around them.

Rather than join in the mass festivities, you and your partner could slip away for a secret steamy session that is perfectly timed to explode as the clock strikes 12. Trying to time your orgasm to perfection is a sexy idea and guarantees that you’ll always look back on that year with a secret smile. Rough sex pornskill and of course, you can slip back to the party quietly and pick up your drinks, while no-one will suspect exactly how your celebrations were that little bit different…

Private party

Rather than going out for the evening, you could always opt for a private party just for two…moving the action to the bedroom. Spend the evening devoted to pleasing each other, taking your time to explore each other’s bodies, prolonging the pleasure for as long as you can. Champagne and a few little aphrodisiacs, or perhaps some sexy food play in the bedroom could help you create a different type of New Year’s Eve party that you’ll never forget.

Sexy underwear

Start the year as you mean to go on, and that means dressing up in sexy underwear that makes you feel great and will leave your lover panting with anticipation. If you’re going out to a New Year’s Eve party, giving your partner a discreet flash of what awaits them when you get back home will send the temperature soaring, even if the weather is distinctly chilly.

A night of passion lies ahead with crotchless red knickers

A night of passion lies ahead with crotchless red knickers

Forget about boring practicality, this is all about sheer sassiness so don’t be shy about flaunting what you’ve got. Crotchless knickers, body stockings and corsets are all super sexy and will be guaranteed to make sure your new year starts with a big bang….or maybe even two….

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Image Credit: Hilary White