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How to choose the perfect sexy costume theme for hen night celebrations

Sexy Policewoman CostumeHaving a hen night is a long-standing tradition in the UK, one last night of freedom for the bride to go and party in style before she settles down to a life of quiet, marital bliss. Or so the theory goes anyhow! In most cases, the hen night isn’t held the night before the wedding so there’s plenty of time to recover; no-one want to be the bride remembered for throwing up on her way down the aisle!

So with a bit of time to get over the debauchery before the big day, wearing some sexy costumes on the night out can be a great way to make it truly memorable. On most occasions, if you went out and saw someone wearing the same outfit, you’d make a beeline for the door; hen nights are the chance to celebrate being a close group of friends and showing off your unity.

Sexy hen night costumes

But picking a sexy costume needs a bit of thought and consideration; you can’t just grab the first cheeky number that you see.

Here are a few ideas about how to choose the perfect sexy costume for the hen night.

Pick a theme

Rather than picking an exact outfit, which not everyone will like – or be willing to wear – picking a theme for the evening is a much easier way to let everyone get involved without spending the whole night feeling awkward.

Sexy police outfits are perfect for hen nights.

The bride might well have spent months getting in tip top condition and have killer abs, but if her best mate has just had a baby she might not be so happy with her tummy on show the entire evening. Picking a theme which everyone can accommodate to suit their figure and personal tastes is a great way to avoid any friction.

Some of the most popular themes include:

  • colour
  • superheroes
  • naughty nuns
  • military
  • schoolgirls
  • devils
  • naughty nurse
  • burlesque

Pick a theme that you think might be the most appropriate for your group of ladies, and one that you think everyone will enjoy in their own way.

Sexy school girl costume theme

The school girl theme is popular on hen nights.

Accessorise your outfits

An alternative to wearing the same outfits is to go with the same accessories. This can make it look like you’re all dressed the same on first glance even though what you have on might be quite different!

The great thing about accessories is that they suit everyone. No matter what your age, shape or size, some sexy accessories can make any outfit look sassy.

Coloured wigs are something not many people would normally wear on a night out but picking a wild colour such as pink, green, blue, orange or purple will make the ladies stand out from the crowd. An affordable and fun way to customise your hen night, wigs are easy to wear and will instantly transform the appearance.

Other options you might want to consider are a pair of bunny ears and tail, devil horns and elbow length gloves.

Customise your outfits

If you want to pick a sexy costume that you think might be too racy for one or two members of the hen party, you could think about ways the outfit could be customised.

For example, if a plunging neckline is a bit too risqué for some people, a white sleeveless T-shirt underneath could easily tone it down. Or if the hemline on a skirt is too high, a pair of shorts underneath protects a possible loss of dignity!

If the bride wants everyone to wear the same outfits, coming up with some ideas about how to offer a slightly less saucy alternative could be the solution.

Don’t forget to have fun!

In the end, a hen party is a one-off occasion so planning a girly night in advance where you can all get together in front of the computer and agree on a sexy costume might mean everyone is happy to wear the same thing.

Taking the time to get dressed up in a sexy costume can be a huge amount of fun and it’s not something that happens every week. So let go of your inhibitions and give it a go – you might just find that sexy fancy dress is even more fun than you thought!

Image Credit: Dunikowski