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Halloween party ideas & costumes

Halloween decorationsWhen you’re too old to go trick or treating, what’s the best thing to do on Halloween? Why, throw your own party of course! Having a Halloween party means you can set the evening up exactly how you want and can really get into the swing of things with sexy fancy dress, themed food and spooky music.

Image Credit: Davey Nin

If you’ve never thrown a Halloween party before and want a few clues about where to start, check out this guide for some inspiration.

Start early

You might be the kind of person who responds to party invitations at the last minute but when it comes to Halloween, there could be lots of competition for both babysitters and for events.

If you don’t want your evening to be a damp squib, get in there early so people can accept your invitation before they make other plans. Then, even if others are arranging a Halloween do as well, the guests will have already have committed themselves to coming to yours. Sneaky…

Decorate the house

A carved pumpkin in the window is an absolute essential but you’ll need much more to decorate the house Halloween style.

The good news is that although you’ll need to make a bit of effort it won’t take too long to transform your pad into a spooky palace of ghostly goings-on.

Halloween decorations are always great around the house.

The most fundamental feature of a Halloween vibe is low lighting and this immediately will make your home seem sinister than before. As for decorations, black, orange and purple are the colours associated with Halloween and fake cobwebs, bats, skeletons, spiders and witches are the order of the day. With the lights down low you can get away with using cheap plastic decorations and black tissue paper and it will still create the desired effect.

If it’s safe to do so, a few flickering candles dotted around will help provide an eerie ambience.

Music and video

It’s great fun to have a spooky song list for Halloween rather than the usual tracks you might listen to.

Think Thriller by Michael Jackson, Ghostbusters by Ray Parker Jr, Werewolves of London by Warren Zevon and of course not forgetting the classic Monster Mash by Bobby ‘Boris’ Pickett and the Crypt-Kickers, a Halloween essential.

Another easy way to set the mood is to have a couple of TVs switched on but muted. Playing should be some of the scariest horror films that you can find. Even without the volume turned up, the terrifying background setting should have your guests trembling in their shoes.

Halloween costumes and fancy dress

It’s simply not a Halloween party without fancy dress – this should be compulsory and made clear when you send the invitations out!

October 31st is the perfect event for sexy Halloween costumes as there are so many outfits which match the occasion.

Some of the top suggestions for the girls include a sexy she-devil, racy witch, slinky vampire or the ultimate seductress, the Black Widow. For the girls it’s easy to impress with plenty of cleavage and legs on display!

Sexy Halloween Costumes

Our sexy skeleton costume is perfect for Halloween!

Zombie, Dracula, bandaged mummy and Frankenstein are just a few suggestions for the men.

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Dressing the part really helps to put you in the right mood, so let your imagination go wild and transform yourself into a real Halloween hottie.

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And finally…

Halloween is designed to be a bit silly so why not set up some ghoulish games to keep everyone entertained during the evening.

Pin the nose on the witch, ghostly Guess Who am I? And even a murder mystery game is easy to set up and will get your guests laughing.