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Five of the best sexy costumes and theme ideas

Sexy nurse and doctor outfits are popular around the worldIf you’ve been invited to a fancy dress party, it’s the perfect chance to let your inhibitions go and wear a sexy costume for the night. Fancy dress is always a lot of fun, and wearing an outfit which is sexy too just gives it a little bit more spice.

Five sexy costume themes

If you can’t decide what to wear, here are five ideas which should inspire you to come up with the perfect sexy fancy dress costume for the night.

1) Naughty nurse

Although it’s a theme that’s been done many times before, the nurse’s outfit is one which is as popular as ever.

Certain to send pulses racing and temperatures soaring sky high, there’s a wide range of sexy Sisters to pick from.

Sexy nurse and doctor outfits are popular around the world.

Take your choice of PVC, sheer mesh and fabric in a variety of designs including open cup dresses that are better suited to a more private dressing up display in the bedroom!

With frills, lace and latex you can pick the look that suits the occasion but whatever you wear you’re bound to be asked for a bit of mouth to mouth resuscitation….

2) Feline fun

Cats have been associated with sexiness for a long time; you only have to check out Catwoman’s raunchy character in Batman to see feline seductiveness in action.

Dressing up as a cat will have your admirers purring with pleasure, whether you pour your curves into an all-in-one jumpsuit or into a cheeky little dress like the Kinky Kitty Outfit.

If you want to accessorise the outfit further, you can make sure that everyone knows you’re in charge with a PVC Catonine tails.

Send the tomcats back to their alley and show them who Top Cat is with an evening out dressed to purrfection.

3) Seasonal outfits

If you’re going to a seasonal even such as a Halloween party or perhaps a Christmas event, you might want to pick themed outfit which matches the occasion.

For October 31st, you might want to dress up in our Sexy Skeleton dress. Our Death Bride Outfit is a bit of risqué macabre humour while the Roxana Sexy Devil Costume is fiendish fun.

For Christmas a sexy Santa never goes amiss, whilst a cute little bunny girl outfit is simply perfect for Easter.

Of course, not every fancy dress party might be themed to an occasion so it’s helpful to have some other sexy costumes you can slide into when the need arises.

4) On manoeuvres

A less frequently seen sexy costume is the military outfit, fusing combat camouflage with sheer sultry appeal.

Sexy army costume

Military costumes like this have obvious sex appeal; it’s available in our store today.

Cute little shorts, plunging necklines and thigh skimming dresses may not be standard issue army wear but in the military collection of sexy fancy dress, there’s a wide range to pick from.

Get your admirers saluting your curves and standing to attention by wearing one of the sassy soldier outfits.

5) Bad education

No rundown of popular fancy dress outfits would be complete without the obligatory mention of sexy schoolgirls.

St Trinian’s were one of the first to publicly parade the sexy schoolgirl idea and since then it has continue to grow in popularity. With Britney Spears bringing it to the forefront again on her Baby One More Time in 1999, the idea of sexy school girl costumes has never really gone away again.


From a naughty schoolgirl with bunches to a busty cheerleader with knee high socks, the fancy dress options are almost endless. The only thing they have in common is that no matter what you pick, you can be certain that you’ll be the centre of attention.

Sexy costumes are a great idea for evening wear, and a fancy dress party for adults can be huge fun. By choosing to wear an outfit that’s a little more risqué than usual you can really let your hair down and relax, and enjoy the attention which will inevitably be coming your way.

Image Credit: Dawn Pink Chick