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Feeling like some experimental fun? If I were a man and you were a woman…

A flirty baby doll outfit will definitely help to seduce

A flirty baby doll outfit will definitely help to seduce

Let’s face it, whether you’re a man or a woman, sex is a glorious amount of fun which offers almost endless opportunities for X-rated play.

But for some experimental fun, imagine if you were to swap bodies with the opposite sex, just for a day – what delights would you discover…?

Most men love to see their woman dressed up in raunchy lingerie, whether it’s a flirty baby doll or stockings and suspenders. A real erotic thrill, what most men don’t realise is that it’s a huge turn-on for women too.

Slipping into something seriously sexy puts girls in the frame of mind that’s saucy and suggestive; the perfect foreplay for a night of naughty fun. But more than this, one of the biggest turn-ons is the sight of their lover aroused; the power of seduction should never be underestimated and girls love to see their man practically panting with desire…

Adore every inch

A woman’s body is a thing of beauty, no matter what shape or size, but it’s easy to get distracted by a few key zones. Don’t be afraid to explore, stimulate and tease every inch of her, starting at her feet and working your way up…and then back down again. Inner thighs, wrists and even behind the knees can all be surprisingly erogenous. Get creative; use a sex toy to arouse her in every way possible and you’ll soon see her as you never have before…go on, give it a try….

A kinky twist

When it comes to anal sex, it’s often about guy on girl penetration, but most women don’t appreciate just how a touch of anal stimulation can drive a guy wild. Whether you opt for a whole dildo, or just a cheeky butt plug, stimulating the prostate while stroking the beast below can deliver an orgasm that will quite literally blow his head off. There are all kinds of sizes, as well as vibrating designs too, so you don’t need to whip out a 12 inch monster to give him an incredible time.

Try a butt plug for some extra sexual fun in the bedroom

Try a butt plug for some extra sexual fun in the bedroomcost

Surprise your man

If your man is normally the one who takes control, surprising him by ordering a sexy outfit or a naughty toy could really make him feel desired. It’s often the guy who initiates sex, but by switching things up and appearing in something which leaves little to the imagination when he least expects it (although perhaps not when you’ve got the in-laws round!) will have him instantly ready for action.

Everyone likes to feel as if their lover can’t keep their hands off them so by taking control and showing him that you want him right now….and that you’re not going to take no for an answer…will guarantee you a night neither of you will ever forget.

If you’re ever feeling like some experimental fun, checkout our ranges at Euphoria Direct. Live for yourself how life would be “if I were a Man and you were a Woman”.