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Everything you need for the Ultimate Hen Party

Hen Party Themed CakesGetting married this summer? No bride can walk down the aisle without having a fun-filled hen party! It’s a rite of passage and an excuse to get together with your girls for a night full of cocktails, giggles and naughty shaped treats! To get your hen night antics off to a good start, we thought we’d share some of the must-have products and accessories from our range.

Hen night party games

Most hen nights start off with pre-drinks and a few party games at the bride-to-be or maid of honour’s place. This is your perfect chance to play the silliest, craziest and rudest party games you can possibly think of! From pin the tail on the male to truth or dare, we’ve got plenty of games to kick-start your hen party.

When you’ve had a few drinks, you’ll be ready for the Hen Night Dares Badge. When it’s your turn, spin the wheel and find out what dare you’re going to have to pull off! This one is a great game to carry on as you continue your night on the town!

Hen Party Dressing Up

Hen parties provide the perfect excuse to dress up with your friends.

Hen night costumes

If you fancy having a dress-up hen party, take a look at our wide range of sexy costumes. From nurse uniforms and maid costumes to school girls and cheerleaders, we have the perfect outfits for you and your hens to dress up in on your special night.

Hen night accessories

No hen night would be a hen night without sashes. Make sure everyone knows it’s your special night with your very own Bride-to-be Sash. Style up the rest of your hens with Hens on Tour sashes and you never know, you might even be able to score yourself a round of free drinks or two!

Other must-have hen party accessories include the Hen’s Headdress – a hen party version of a bridal veil and the Feather Garter. It’s the only hen party you’ll be having so it’s your once chance to go all out with the accessories and have a great time!

But what about the stags?

Don’t worry boys; we’ve got you covered too. Whether you’re planning a stag do in the UK or abroad, we’ve got all the accessories you’ll need to get the party started. Take a look at our range and see what we have to offer!


Image credits: Cutie Cakes WY and Carolyn Coles