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Don’t ask for sex – just take it!

Don't ask for sex – just take itIf you’ve been left frustrated waiting for your man to make the bedroom moves, only to watch in dismay as he drifts off to sleep, it’s time to reclaim ownership of your sexual satisfaction.

You might be far more accustomed to waiting for your partner to make the all-important move, but there’s no reason why you can’t be the one to get things moving.

The next time the mood takes you, don’t hope that he’ll pick up on subtle hints – don’t ask for sex, just take it!

Don’t take no for an answer

If your man isn’t used to you initiating sex, he may think you are just messing around, and not seriously interested in starting some action.

Don’t leave him in any doubt that you want sex; don’t let him brush you off or ignore your advances, some latex clothing from our range might help! You know how to get his attention and once he realises you’re serious, he won’t be looking at anything else!

Make sure he understands that ‘no’ isn’t an option – you’re telling him, not asking – and you’ll quickly find he is harder than you’ve ever seen him before.

Zoe from Basingstoke admitted the idea took some getting used to, “I tried it one night when we were relaxing in front of the TV, before he had the chance to fall asleep. I sat across him and started to strip, and then did the same to him. He didn’t have the chance to refuse and loved the attention…the sex was absolutely amazing!”

Men want to be desired too

Sex can quickly tail off between a couple and in some cases this can be because the man gets tired of making all the advances. It’s not just women who can suffer from self-esteem issues and knowing that you turn your partner on, is one of the sexiest things imaginable.

Showing your partner that you’re horny and aren’t going to take no for an answer will blow his socks off. Whether you go for all-out seduction by dressing up and taking him to the bedroom, or simply jumping on him when he least expects it, you’ll find there will be unexpected advantages to taking sex from him rather than passively waiting.

Get him excited by dressing up in raunchy  seductive clothing

Get him excited by dressing up in raunchy, seductive clothing like this schoolgirl outfit from our range

A woman who’s not afraid to get what she wants in the bedroom is one of the hottest male fantasies, so by demanding sex, you’ll be giving him what he wants too. And that means simply orgasmic sex.

Lucy from York took things one step further and jumped on her partner while he was sleeping. She explains, “I wanted sex but he had dozed off, so I slipped my hand into his shorts and got him hard. Just as I was going down on him he woke up; he was a bit surprised but ecstatic when I pushed him back down and climbed on top. It felt great to be the one initiating it for a change”.


Women are all too often cast in the role as submissive sex slave but there’s no reason you can’t take control of your own sexual pleasure instead. Be the one in charge and demand sex from your man; don’t ask him, tell him!

Image Credit: Tony Stephanie Smith