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Desert Island Sex, 5 Products Any Girl Would Need to Take on Her Island Adventure

Edible UndiesMiles and miles of deserted white sands with the crystal clear waters of the ocean gently lapping at the shore and the man of your dreams beside you is the stuff fantasies are made of.

Getting marooned on a desert island with your perfect match has a lot of benefits, not least some peace and quiet to enjoy some seriously sexy time uninterrupted.

But if you had the chance to get your mitts on your desert island dream-boat, what five products should you have to make sure you made the most of your time.

Here are our suggestions…

1) Massage oil

Being out in the hot sun all day, you want to make sure that your skin stays silky smooth and in tiptop condition so what better way to relax at the end of another day in paradise that with a relaxing massage?

Massage oil won’t just make sure your skin stays sexy and soft, it’s also very arousing, the perfect way to kick off the evening’s private entertainment for two….

2) Edible undies

Whether you want to take along edible undies, nipple tassels or other naughty nibbles, a sexy snack could be a good idea.

Combining sex with food can have incredible results and on a desert island you might quickly get fed up of eating fish, berries and coconuts! Chocolate body paint can last quite a long time so if you want a sweet, sensual treat that won’t be gone in a flash, that could provide the ideal solution.

3) Waterproof sex toys

The opportunity to splash around in the waves without being seen is simply too good to ignore and before too long, the chances are that you’ll be getting frisky in the sparkling warm waters.

Being marooned on a desert island is no reason to let your sex life drift into a dull routine…providing you remember to take a waterproof sex toy along. Whether you want to lie on the sand with the water washing over your naked bodies, or enjoy kinky pleasures with the waves around your waists, a sex toy that is waterproof will crank up the tropical temperature even higher.

4) Adult games

It’s difficult to imagine getting bored with the sun, sea and sand but after a while you might yearn for something to break up the monotony of life in paradise.

Nookii Confidential Adult Game

Sex games would be perfect for your desert island adventure – try Nookii Confidential for example

An adult board game can not only provide an entertaining way to pass the time, it’s the ultimate in intimate fun. Find out more about your dream man with a series of entertaining but erotic questions and challenges, while following the instructions of the dice – if you dare – could lead to a night filled with naughty fun.

5) A bikini to impress

If you’re deserted on a tropical island with a hot hunk, you’ll want to make sure that you’re looking just as irresistible so a sexy bikini is an essential.

sexy bikini

A bikini to impress

Don’t make do with a drab cover-up, flaunt your best bits with a daring design that shows him exactly what delicious delights await…