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Condoms – Whatever Your Preference We Have the Perfect Fit for You

Benefits of Condoms

Benefits of Condoms

If you want to have safe sex, condoms are the best choice but being safe doesn’t have to mean being boring.

Condoms today are a great way to add a little extra spice into your love life and can even be a great way to heighten those sensations and give you a really mind blowing orgasm. Whatever your shape, size or preference you’ll find there’s some sexy rubber numbers you could get him to slip into, before slipping into you…

Feel every inch

One stereotype that condoms often have to face is the claim that they reduce feeling and that the sensations are dull. However, if you pick one of the ultra-thin designs, you’ll both forget there’s a condom on as you glide effortlessly into position.

Feel every inch with our ultra-thin designs

Feel every inch with our ultra-thin designs

Still offering safe protection but with a barely there feel, you can enjoy the best of both worlds with one of the ultra-thin designs.

Bigger boys

If you’re blessed with more than the average inches you might find regular condoms a bit of a squeeze. There’s nothing guaranteed to put a dampener on your ardour more than a condom which pinches but if you use one from the range deliberately designed for bigger men you’ll have no such problem. Take out the “ow” and put in the “ooh” with a condom that’s been supersized just for you.

Speciality condoms

If you want to take your pleasure to another level, take a look at the range of speciality condoms which are now available. Whether you want one that’s ribbed for both you and your lover’s pleasure, or one that has a gently warming sensation for the ultimate erotic appeal, you will discover a whole new world of delights that only condoms can deliver.

Stimulating and arousing, ribbed and warming condoms can give you a really mind-blowing orgasm as you experience new sensations for the very first time.

Novelty condoms

If you want to have your lover licking, sucking and pleasuring you without unbridled enthusiasm, check out the range of flavoured novelty condoms. Not like the rubber-tasting condoms of the past, modern flavoured condoms offer rich, delicious flavours that your lover won’t be able to get enough of!

If you like the taste of Mango, try these condoms

If you like the taste of Mango, try these condoms

Whether their weakness is fruity bubble gum, melting chocolate or zingy mango you’ll find there’s a great range of flavours which will tickle their tastebuds while hitting all the right spots with you too! So if we’ve tempted you why not head to our condoms section and see what delights await?