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Come on leave me breathless with Euphoria Direct

 What would you do with your last breath?

What would you do with your last breath?

Here at Euphoria Direct we’ve got a deliciously naughty range of outfits, underwear and adult toys so you can delight your lover in every way possible.

But don’t take our word for it, even chart-topping band The Corrs agree….or at least that’s what they seem to be suggesting in their hit Breathless. Sultry songstress Andrea Corr urges fans to “leave me breathless Euphoria Direct….” so what are you waiting for?

Drive your lover wild

Let the Corrs inspire you to crank up the temperature in your bedroom, with the range of adult playtime accessories and sex toys here at Euphoria Direct.

If you want to leave your lover longing for your kiss and waiting for your slightest touch to send them spinning into ecstasy why not check out our range of bondage gear? Restraining your lover is a great way to build the sexual tension, leaving them yearning for you to kiss, stroke and touch their body….but only you have the power to give them the ultimate satisfaction.

Or perhaps you want to hand your lover the control of your own sexual thrills…..submitting to their every command until you are weak with desire. Being totally at the mercy of your lover can be exciting and thrilling so whether you opt for ropes, restraints or handcuffs, you could just have the night of your life.

Sexy outfits

One surefire way to leave your lover breathless is to dress up – or rather undress – to tempt, tease and tantalise them. Whether it’s a raunchy little outfit for an adult fancy dress party or a barely there costume for your lover’s eyes only, sexy lingerie or clothing guarantees that your lover won’t be able to take their eyes off your every move.

Wear a sexy outfit and prepare to be breathless

Wear a sexy outfit and prepare to be breathless

An erotic outfit is the perfect way to add a little more spice to your love-life and all you need is a saucy swagger and a swing to your hips. For an extra-kinky twist, try out a fetish outfit such as a latex catsuit or a rubber dress. Wear them out for a look which will turn every head in the room, and let your lover peel it off you when you get back home.

If you want something a little more discreet, try out some sexy underwear; either slipping it under your outfit for an X-rated surprise or slinking into the bedroom to show your lover exactly what you’ve got in mind for the night.

With Euphoria Direct there’s so many ways to leave your lover breathless, check out our online collection of adult items today!

Image Credits: Carol Robinson and Freya Rows