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Celebrate Christmas Everyday Here at Euphoria Direct

Play the Secret Missions Dinner Party Game

Play the Secret Missions Dinner Party Game

If you want to see your partner’s bulging sack all year round and not just at Christmas, take some time to browse through the array of adult goodies you could pick from to tease, tantalise and delight.

Christmas is the time to spend with your loved ones, but why not extend the festivities so that all year round is just as much fun?

Here are a few ideas about how you could make sure your bedroom action is as red-hot as Rudolph’s nose.

Party games

Monopoly may never really got you in the mood for some seriously sexy action but adult board games are something very different. Rather than laboriously plodding around a board, you could be exploring your lover’s body, with the dice help you to discover previously uncharted territories! There are lots of different games for you to enjoy, from edible fun to daring dice games with a difference.

There are some adult-themed games to enjoy with a group of friends too, but be warned, these aren’t the type of entertainment you want to share with grandma after the roast turkey…

Dress up

A sexy outfit is guaranteed to get pulses racing and there’s never a wrong time to slip into something sexy for your lover. If you like to flirt and tease, a cute little baby doll is an idea for giving them a cheeky glimpse but making them wait to feast their eyes on your body. If you like to strut your stuff and show off those fabulous curves, there’s body stocking and bra and brief sets which are saucy, sexy and sassy.

And of course, for those who like to crank up the kink, crotchless and butt-less underwear gives your lover intimate access immediately, perfect for those times when you want to either dominate or obey their every command. And it’s not just underwear either, fancy dress means you could go to a party in a cheeky little outfit – and let your lover peel it off you back at home when the evening is nearing the end.

Sweet treats

Having a few sweets and chocolates at Christmas is a tradition, but why stick to traditional candies when you could have something far more fun?!

All men (and maybe the women too) will love an after dinner nipple

All men (and maybe the women too) will love an after dinner nipple

There are all kinds of novelty sweets and chocolates that not only taste great, are a cheeky little gift too. Give a box to the one you love and share a little sweet-tasting naughtiness at any time of the year…here at Euphoria Direct.