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Boobs, Bum or Legs – Our Store Has Clothes & Fetishwear to Accentuate Your Best Asset(s)

Sexy Open Bra Nurses OutfitWhether you’re a sleek-hipped goddess or a bootilicious babe, everyone has bits of their body which are simply irresistible.

Showing off the bits you love and disguising the bits you’re not so keen on is easy if you find the right clothes and underwear.

Whether it’s outerwear, lingerie or fetishwear that you’re looking for, we have the perfect outfits to make boobs, bums and legs look fabulous.

Here’s a few ideas how to give your lover a visual feast:


If you’re blessed with a cleavage to die for, you’re guaranteed to turn every man’s head if you’re wearing an outfit which shows off your assets.

Both outer clothes and underwear naturally look super-sexy if you’ve got a great rack so don’t hide them away under shapeless tops and badly fitting bras. Corsets are made for curvy girls and boobs which are busting out will get the temperature rising without fail. Criss-cross body stockings and open cup bras will show off those fabulous boobs to their full potential, but make sure you’re prepared for the effect wearing these sexy outfits will have on your lover…!


Having some junk in the trunk is simply irresistible so make sure your lover is in no doubt of your bootilicious charms by showing them off in our hot costumes or raunchy underwear.

Latex, PVC and rubber all cling delightfully to every curve and look incredible on girls who have a sexy swing in their hips. Flattering yet utterly revealing, fetishwear is made for women who have the curves to carry it off.

Backless Leather Ladies Skirt

Show off your bum with a backless skirt

Backless skirts and G-strings are two more styles which will show your peachy butt to perfection and put even more oh-oh-oh into your orgasms.


Long, leggy pins are the stuff fantasies are made of so if you have luscious legs you can bet your lover dreams of having them wrapped around him!

Sexy stockings are a timeless classic and teamed with a garter belt and a corset are guaranteed to knock your lover’s socks off. A pair of PVC hot pants will show off every inch of those flawless legs and can even be worn outside if you feel brave enough. If you want to cover up a bit more but still reveal every inch, a catsuit will highlight your long pins, leaving your lover dying to run their hands ever higher.

So now you decide, is it boobs, bums or legs? Which works best for you?