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Amazing Sex with these 5 Ways to Restrain Your Partner

Japanese Silk rope available in store at Euphoria Direct

Japanese Silk rope available in store at Euphoria Direct

But there’s really no need, especially when anyone can buy adult goodies online, with the contents If you want to spice things up in the bedroom, a simple and effective way to have your lover begging for more is to use restraints.

Kinky, naughty and downright X-rated, restraints can immediately kick-start a flagging sex life whether you use them to act out your fantasies or simply to tease your lover into submission.

Here are five exciting bondage techniques you could use to restrain your lover, with amazing sex as a result.

1)     Japanese silk rope

This one is deceptively simple but actually takes a bit of practice to master. The Japanese silk rope is perfect to use with the ancient art of Shibari, the practice of tying your lover up using a sequence of artistic and complicated knots.

The beauty of Shibari is that you can make the knots as simple or as complex as you like, and you can put your lover into whatever position is the most arousing for you both.

2) Under the bed restraint system

What’s really great about this restraint system is that it can be used in any place, even if the bed isn’t suitable for tying someone up.

When you want your lover tied and ready to obey your every whim, this restraint system will ensure that you never have to wait.

Sliding under the mattress to create a mobile restraint system, you can take this with you on holiday or wherever else you go. Get your satisfaction on the move and don’t take no for an answer!

3) Neck and wrist restraints

If you like to see your lover cuffed and unable to resist, this neck and wrist restraint is exactly what you’re looking for.

With a cuff around the neck, the restraint can be fixed either at the front, or to leave your lover even more vulnerable, if can be fixed behind their back.

This neck and wrist restraint set is available in store

This neck and wrist restraint set is available in store

With a series of D-rings, it’s up to you how tightly you tie your lover and with the Neoprene cuffs which come included with the pack, there’s no reason to delay your kinky fun and games.

4) Bondage bar

If you want your lover spread and ready for action, the bondage bar from Sportsheets will give you exactly what you need.

A sturdy spreader bar cuffed to each ankle will ensure their legs stay wide apart. The attached cuffs leaves your lover bent over and waiting for their pleasure…or their pain….only you have the power to decide what it will be…

5) Five Piece Hog Tie and Cuff Set

Giving your lover absolute control over your whole body takes absolute trust and that’s what’s required to use this hog tie and cuff set.

With their legs and arms fastened into position behind their back, your lover will be utterly powerless and under your complete command. What you decide to do with them while you’re in control is up to you…

We hope you’ve enjoyed our guide to amazing sex through restraint, checkout our bondage restraints section to start your night of passion.