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8 Actions to Stop That Will Improve Your Love Life

Try New Sexual PositionsA sizzling love life is something we all crave but all too often there are just a few annoying habits your lover has which gets in the way of orgasmic delight.

Here are eight actions which are a damp squib sexually and need to be stopped to take your love life to new heights.

1) Putting yourself down

Whether you’re a guy or a gal your lover wants to be with someone who is comfortable with their body and feels relaxed enough to enjoy some uninhibited sex. You’re the person your lover wants to be with, and no matter what your shape or size, if you throw a sexy costume or lingerie into the mix, the temperature is sure to rise.

2) Trying to recreate porn star positions

It’s important to keep things fresh and trying different things in the bedroom is certainly one way to keep the passion burning. However, while enjoying adult movies together can be a great idea, trying to twist and pull your lover into uncomfortable positions which mimic those on film can just end up in disappointment. All too often the positions which look great on the screen are purely designed for visual appeal and don’t feel so hot in real life.

3) Going through the same motions every time

Everyone has their own special style between the sheets and a tried and tested technique can deliver great results. But when you’ve been with someone a while it can be a little dull to predict their every move; sex via a checklist is a huge turn-off. Don’t be afraid to mix things up; switch around slow and sensual sex but urgent and passionate romps and you’ll keep your lover guessing what – or who is coming next.

4) Concentrating too much

It’s great that you want your lover to be happy and seeing your bed partner aroused is one of the biggest turn-ons there is. But don’t forget that sex is supposed to be fun too and feeling like you’re on the receiving end of hard work and a studious approach can leave your desire wilting like a wet lettuce.

5) Getting irritated when it takes a while

No matter how much you love sex; there are some days when things just aren’t ticking over quite as smoothly. But one thing guaranteed to slow things down even further is seeing your loved getting irritated that you aren’t orgasming as quickly as usual. It takes as long as it takes, and getting miffed is just going to make matters worse!

6) Giving your lover whiplash

Foreplay is fun but don’t worry, the action will soon move on to the truly erogenous zones. If your lover has wickedly delicious tongue action, you might be impatient to start receiving attention where it really matters. But although a bit of assertiveness can be very sexy, gripping their neck in a vicelike grip and forcing their head downwards isn’t erotic. It’s just likely to give them whiplash.

Fun in the Bedroom

Have fun and don’t give your partner whiplash!

7) Constantly asking for permission

Men and women both know the importance of being a caring, sharing lover and making sure they leave their partner totally satisfied in every way is a top trait. However, a bed partner who asks for permission before they make every move is less than commanding and quickly becomes boring. Don’t be afraid to try things yourself, you’ll soon be able to see whether it works or not!

8) Fiddling with the music

If you’ve taken the time to create a sexy ambience with some bedroom music then top marks for effort. However, don’t let the background tunes become a distraction; there’s nothing more disconcerting than your lover swiftly jumping up in the middle of the action to change the CD!

We hope these eight great tips will help you to spice things up in the bedroom and improve your love life. 

Image Credits: Adele Holtz and Dawn Cregg