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5 Ultimate Ways to Reignite Passion in the Bedroom!

Ways to Reignite the PassionThere’s no shame in wanting to spice things up in the bedroom – after all, the couple that plays together stays together. Get inspired with our ultimate top 5 ways to turn up the head and reignite passion in the bedroom!

  1. Dress Up

OK, if you got an A* in GCSE drama then now is your time to shine. Zip up that police officer outfit and go to town with the punishment puns and fluffy handcuffs. If role play makes you cringe or you’re just a little shy, then why not wear a sexy costume or new set of lingerie to get heartbeats racing? Dressing up isn’t just about pretending to be someone else – you can still feel completely yourself in a gorgeous basque or babydoll set which suits your shape (and we bet your partner won’t be complaining, either). How about our sizzling Black Sheer Babydoll?

  1. Send a Cheeky Text

Build up the tension by sending your partner a naughty text early in the day – they’ll have plenty of time to think about it all day so by the time they see you in the evening, the passion will be well and truly alive! This is a great way to jazz things up if your usual communication during the day is something like ‘work is so boring but I’ve got soup for lunch, yay’. If your other half is glued to their office computer all day, brighten up their inbox with a naughty email. Just make sure it’s their personal inbox, not the one that gets shared with their boss. Awkward.

  1. Introduce Toys

We’re not suggesting you jump right in with a raging 12” whopper of a vibrator, but experimenting with toys can bring a whole plethora of new sensations to your sex life. If you’re worried about your partner seeing a realistic looking toy as a ‘threat’, start off with something you’ll both enjoy like a Durex Play Vibrations cock ring. (Oh and for you naughty lot who are interested in that raging 12” whopper… click here! You’re welcome.)

  1. List Your Fantasies

Everyone has something that makes them tick, from a bit of ear nibbling to a shiny pair of latex undies. If you can find out what your partner’s ultimate turn-ons are, they are basically putty in your hands. Make a list together of your top 3 turn-ons or take it in turns to think up fantasy scenarios that you can act out with each other. Not only will it be a bit of a laugh, it’ll bring you closer together and give you plenty of ideas.

  1. Set the Scene

The bedroom needs to be enticing if you want to get someone in it, so clear up your clothes off the floor, put on some clean sheets and get a few scented candles on the go. Hell, you could even throw a few of our fabulous faux rose petals in for good measure. And you thought we didn’t know how to be romantic…