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5 cheap sex toys to try from our £10 and under range

Silver Orgasm Balls

Silver Orgasm Balls

According to The Daily Mail sexy fun doesn’t have to blow the budget and here at Euphoria Direct we’ve got a great range of adult products and cheap sex toys which cost under £10.

For less than the cost of a pizza you could inject some spice into your sex life, and enjoy some bedroom fun with your lover time and time again.

Here are a few suggestions that you might like from the range.

1) Nexus Enduro Stretchy Silicone Cock Ring

If you want to stay hard for as long as possible, the Nexus Enduro Stretchy Silicone Cock Ring could do just the job. Made from soft, stretchy silicon, simply slide this onto the base and you’ll find you can keep an erection for a much longer time. A sturdy design means that you will stay rock hard whether you’re enjoying some solo fun or a session with your lover.

2) Silver Orgasm Balls

One of the oldest known type of sex toy in the world, Silver Orgasm Balls are a more modern version of what were previous known as Ben Wa Balls. To use all you need do is slide them inside and let the weight of the balls moving around stimulate you and create an intensely erotic feeling. Some women will enjoy a mind-blowing orgasm with the balls alone, while other use them for the ultimate stimulation and pleasure before a session with your lover.

3) Black 10 Metre Sex Extra Love Rope Black

If you’ve never dabbled in the dark side, this love rope gives you the perfect opportunity to tie your lover up and have your wicked way. Bondage play is a great way to crank up the heat in your bedroom and this rope will provide plenty of scope to get your lover into the exact position that you want them.

4) Toy Joy Plug N Joy

Ideal for use on men and women, the Toy Joy Plug N Joy is a four inch butt plug designed for maximum pleasure.

Toy Joy Plug N Joy

Toy Joy Plug N Joy

With a flared based so there’s no chance of it disappearing higher than you want, there’s four inches of kinky pleasure with this butt plug which is made from a soft but firm jelly material. The surface is lightly textured to provide maximum stimulation, and you can either slide it gently in and out or leave in position for an erotic sensation of CFNM Handjob.

5) Tingle Tip Electric Toothbrush Vibrator

This smart little device clips onto your electric toothbrush to capture the buzz and vibrations and put them to better use. A very discreet adaptor for when you’re travelling, with the clip on head your toothbrush will be transformed into an erotic vibrator. The Tingle Tip provides an erotic vibrating action once in position which will leave you quivering with delight!

We hope you’ve enjoyed our guide to cheap sex toys and adult products in our under £10 range, why not buy one today in-store?