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3 Sex Taboos That Couples Really Need to Talk About

Masturbation is NaturalThe best sex is between a couple who are relaxed with each other, knowing that there are no inhibitions or barriers to intimacy.

However, even in the best relationships there can be taboos which if broached, could take a love life to new heights.

Here’s an introduction to three sex taboos that can be real passion-killers if they aren’t tackled.

1) Masturbation

Even in the most sexually active relationships, each person may still enjoy masturbation but it’s an act which is frequently misunderstood.

Masturbation can be misinterpreted as a lack of satisfaction with a sex life but it can fulfil a totally different function, lacking the intimacy or emotional closeness that comes with sex with another person. Masturbating can even help maintain a healthy sex life as the individual can explore their likes and dislikes on their own before sharing them with their partner.

If the subject isn’t discussed, resentment can build up and it can ultimately inflict damage on the relationship.

2) Impotence

There are lots of causes of impotence and many men can suffer a bout of it spontaneously, even if things have always worked perfectly well before.

Drugs, alcohol and stress can all affect performance but for many men, an inability to sustain an erection can be acutely embarrassing.

If it’s a recurrent problem, it’s vital for the couple to be able to discuss it without fear of blame or accusations. The man often feels embarrassed, ashamed and guilty while the partner may feel rejected and unattractive.

More than eight out of ten cases of impotence have a physical cause so a trip to the doctor can quickly resolve the problem in many instances. Left undiscussed, the couple can begin to avoid sex and the effects can be catastrophic.

3) Spanking

S&M is a subject that’s been swept under the carpet in the past but the introduction of Mr Grey and Fifty Shades to the world has opened up the delights of spanking and forbidden fun.

With a few choice sex toys, pain and pleasure come dangerously close and the thrill of being deliciously bad can be enjoyed by everyone.

Spanking in a Relationship

Don’t make spanking a taboo subject

However, if you’re going to indulge in the kinky stuff, you need to know in advance where the limits lie. Having a pre-agreed “stop word” and discussing boundaries is essential to ensure that both partners enjoy it as much as the other.

If you can’t bring yourself to discuss the matter then perhaps kinky sex should remain a taboo until you can trust your lover enough to get everything out in the open first.

Image Credit: The Lion’s Den